Dear friend, may I ask how familiar these are to you?

Diets, does these never work for you ?

Low self-esteem, is your self-esteem low due to how you look?

Reflection, your mirror reflection irritates you?

I don’t exercise , you haven’t exercised in a long time?

I can’t find suitable clothes, do you buy your clothes from XXXXXXL department?

Are you starting tomorrow, and it is always tomorrow?

Training is boring, same old boring program year after year?

If you recognize yourself, welcome to the ranks of the same kind of people! I know what I am talking about, the above points are completely from me few years ago. During 2007-2009 I took about 50kg of fat out of my body, so morbid obesity is familiar to me. 2007 I ate what I wanted and I didn’t exercise at all. But when you try enough and do enough mistakes, even the hard headed will get results! I learned things the hard way, because I wanted to learn how to get rid of fat permanently!

Coach Factory Store

You could say that I have made enough mistakes for both of us. I have searched Google from dusk to dawn, I have taken part of lectures, participated in various seminars, experimented with all sorts of training programs, eaten in dozens of different ways so you do not have to waste your time with them. You don’t have to repeat the same mistakes as I did.

And this is all what Coach’s Factory is all about!

I will make you a new person! This is a promise! Just stay on these pages and enjoy the ride!