Reading a book


4kings here again! I was reading some books during the holiday and wanted to shoutout a nice blog about reviews. It is in Finnish and I know the writer by herself. Anyway, she will review books from fantasy and sci-fi to history, so almost everything goes. She even will read some health and fitness related books and gives a review of those. Go check it out from here: kirjablogi

First she has a review of that Outlander-series, which is running on TV all over the planet. It is very popular and has loyal fan base. So the first review is out on the blog, you should check it out if you are a fan of the series. She will talk about the plot and characters completely and gives her opinion about the book.

I already know that, the next review will be Harry Potter, that new book which was not written by JK… or she was one the writers. I really don’t know but anyway. That is the next on the line. After that who knows. She will also review movies and TV-shows time to time, so you can find those also from the site. But the books are the main mission for now at least.

So I would recommend the blog!