Training in Turku

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Let’s talk about five reasons, why you need a good trainer for you. Somebody who knows what to do, if you have run against plateu. You have some stubborn fat, which doesn’t want to shake off? You have some love handles, which haven’t changed in long time? Well, you need an expert who can make these problems go away. You will need a personal training Turku specialist, just follow the link and you will find one.

Reason #1:

They have years of experience how to deal with these kind of problems. They will change nutrition and training intensity, if needed. Usually adding heavy weights will build muscle and that will almost destroy stubborn fat from the body. This is what they do. PT will add heavy squats and deadlifts, that will change the game.

Reason #2:

Eating good nutrion will make a huge change. If you need to lose fat, then you must eat more fat. That is the secret, plain and simple. If you give more fat to the body, it will understand that it doesn’t need reservations anymore and will start to use those as fuel. Just eat more fat! It is simple. PT will give you all instructions what you need.


Reason #3:

Add little bit cardio also. Some long distance walking without breathing heavy, will burn only fat. That is a great way to add some more fat burning effect for daily routines. Go for a walk. Something like 1-2 hours is just fine, just make sure that you are walking slowly enough. Fat will burn only if you stay on aerobic treshold, don’t go to the anaerobic at all, then it will start using carbs as a fuel source. Really good personal trainer will give you a heart monitor, from there it is easy to check if you are going slowly enough.

Reason #4:

Start your day with a glass of water. By doing that, you will jump start your engine (body) to start using fat as fuel. Increase your metabolism immediately when you have waken. So, drink a glass of water and start seeing some results. This should read also in your PT’s nutrition guide.

Reason #5:

Real professional will keep you motivated through the project. They will give you fun workouts and give you some nice recipes for the nutrition. Everything should be fun, that is the key how you keep motivated. Of course you need to see results also, but having fun while doing it, that is the most important. So your trainer will come up fun ways of working out. Then you will enjoy it a much more.

So, go and get a trainer for you and start changing your life. Here is one of the best personal training Turku, which you can find. They are the experts and know how to get you in a good shape. Contact them, you will be surprised!

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