How you get in fit

Hi there

There is a nice youtube-video how you put older people in shape. Ruokatauko shot a nice video about it. I will embed it over here. Yes, the age is just a number. Nothing more, that is no excuse. You can’t hide behind your age, it is just a number. It doesn’t tell who you really are or what you can do. So forget that. Instead, go outside and so something for your fitness. It doesn’t matter if you are 20 years old or 60 years old, you decide!

This is over 50 years old granny doing deadlifts and pullups! How amazing is that! I have never seen grannies do pullups!! It just blows me away how she is able to do those. But then again, it is all about you! She clearly has super motivation and she has been training quite a while, but still it is amazing! She had personal trainer turku to help her and it shows! Professionals were at it again.

So my advice is: just have fun and go training! Do something that you enjoy! Do something which challenges you! Do something that will give you good feelings! Do something that scares you! That way you will expose yourself for different kind trainings and have positive effects.

– 4kings