4kings here again! Let’s talk about gerd or heart burn this time. That is a condition which I run more and more. It is very common all over, especially with +50 years old people. What the hell is gerd (or refluksi) all about?

Well, it is a condition when your stomach is releasing it’s acid back into your throat if I put it a simple way. The gate, which keeps the acid in the stomach is not working as it should be. It is leaking the content back up and that causes burning sensation in your throat. Well it is extremely strong acid in there, so it is not a wonder that is burns like hell. Acid burns you know!



How is it possible that it is leaking? That can depend on many things. But the number one suspect is your diet. That is the basis of this condition and the diet should be the first thing to check when suffering from gerd.

But the problem is that 99% of doctors will do nothing about the diet, they will always prescribe anti-acid-medicine, like Somac or Zolt to remove acid. That might help in that very moment, but those medicines doesn’t remove the cause. They only help with the symptoms with the limited time. You will start suffering from gerd again immediately when you eat next time and everybody needs to eat!

The correct way of fixing this shit is to make sure you have correct amount of acid in your stomach! So it is exactly otherway around what doctors says, because they don’t know shit about nutrition. They only know pills and how to help symptoms. By fixing your diet with correct amount of acid, you will get rid of gerd.

Why we are talking about gerd in training blog? Because that is so common nowadays and that must be taken under notice when you are planning nutrition for clients. I will run into gerd maybe once in a week with new clients. Some people have been eating medicine for years and that can destroy acid levels even more inside their stomach. That is a horrible. Doctors will do absolutely nothing, they will always just order more medicine because that is easy and they don’t have enough knowledge about correct nutrition for these people.

Then the problems comes to me, customer needs to lose weight but even drinking water can cause burning! What the hell?! That is just because they have destroyed their acid levels with medicine and it is going to be a very long process to fix everything back in normal. That requires extremely knowledge about nutrition.

Anyway, I always check with my mentors when dealing with these clients. My mentors are the best in the market. Gerd or refluksi, like they say in Finland, is what I recommend you to read more.

Talk you soon again!

– 4 kings

How you get in fit

Hi there

There is a nice youtube-video how you put older people in shape. Ruokatauko shot a nice video about it. I will embed it over here. Yes, the age is just a number. Nothing more, that is no excuse. You can’t hide behind your age, it is just a number. It doesn’t tell who you really are or what you can do. So forget that. Instead, go outside and so something for your fitness. It doesn’t matter if you are 20 years old or 60 years old, you decide!

This is over 50 years old granny doing deadlifts and pullups! How amazing is that! I have never seen grannies do pullups!! It just blows me away how she is able to do those. But then again, it is all about you! She clearly has super motivation and she has been training quite a while, but still it is amazing! She had personal trainer turku to help her and it shows! Professionals were at it again.

So my advice is: just have fun and go training! Do something that you enjoy! Do something which challenges you! Do something that will give you good feelings! Do something that scares you! That way you will expose yourself for different kind trainings and have positive effects.

– 4kings