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Hi folks!

I was in Finland couple of days ago and visited my old friend in Naantali. Company called Ruokatauko. They are the best in their own business. Ruokatauko is specialised on nutrition and personal trainer services and they offer services all around city Turku. Especially now when summer is closing by, everybody is interested how they are going to look on the beach.

So there is high demand for trainers and nutrition professionals now in Finland. They boys were really busy, the gym is open from morning to noon and they are training with all kind of clients at the moment. Most of them are just regular folks trying to lose some weight and other half is trying to get some muscle. You got to look good, right? 🙂

Ruokatauko's breakfast

Ruokatauko also keeps blogging about all kind of differenet topics about health, fitness, nutrition and of course training. Few days ago they published article about soda drinks, which was quite interesting to read. I didn’t know that it is so dangerous to your metabolism to have a glass of coke or something similiar. It just screws your metabolism for whole day and elevates blood sugar like a rocket. So if you want to get fit for the summer, don’t drink sodas at least!!

So my recommendation is, if you are in Finland or you are interested about nice health-related blog, head over to their site and check it out. They are the best personal trainer Turku and that is all what you need to know. 🙂

– 4kings

Coach’s Factory is online


Coach’s Factory is online!

I can hear almost all the way here how hard you’re wondering what to do next! You can check this website and continue your life exactly the same way as in the past … and get the same results . You might stay in the same condition as you are now … or you can go to the worse … or you can always start with “tomorrow “, which will never come.

Instead, do something right here and right now! Go outside and change your life! Start exercising! Start eating healthy! That is what Coach’s Factory is all about!

In the future, we are going to tell how to train and how to eat! If you want some improvements in your fitness!

Talk you soon!

In picture: changing lives in Stockholm 2010! Train hard! Push the car around the parking lot and sweat your mind! That is all what it takes! Train! Exercise!