Reading a book


4kings here again! I was reading some books during the holiday and wanted to shoutout a nice blog about reviews. It is in Finnish and I know the writer by herself. Anyway, she will review books from fantasy and sci-fi to history, so almost everything goes. She even will read some health and fitness related books and gives a review of those. Go check it out from here: kirjablogi

First she has a review of that Outlander-series, which is running on TV all over the planet. It is very popular and has loyal fan base. So the first review is out on the blog, you should check it out if you are a fan of the series. She will talk about the plot and characters completely and gives her opinion about the book.

I already know that, the next review will be Harry Potter, that new book which was not written by JK… or she was one the writers. I really don’t know but anyway. That is the next on the line. After that who knows. She will also review movies and TV-shows time to time, so you can find those also from the site. But the books are the main mission for now at least.

So I would recommend the blog!

Training in Turku

Hi there folks

Let’s talk about five reasons, why you need a good trainer for you. Somebody who knows what to do, if you have run against plateu. You have some stubborn fat, which doesn’t want to shake off? You have some love handles, which haven’t changed in long time? Well, you need an expert who can make these problems go away. You will need a personal training Turku specialist, just follow the link and you will find one.

Reason #1:

They have years of experience how to deal with these kind of problems. They will change nutrition and training intensity, if needed. Usually adding heavy weights will build muscle and that will almost destroy stubborn fat from the body. This is what they do. PT will add heavy squats and deadlifts, that will change the game.

Reason #2:

Eating good nutrion will make a huge change. If you need to lose fat, then you must eat more fat. That is the secret, plain and simple. If you give more fat to the body, it will understand that it doesn’t need reservations anymore and will start to use those as fuel. Just eat more fat! It is simple. PT will give you all instructions what you need.


Reason #3:

Add little bit cardio also. Some long distance walking without breathing heavy, will burn only fat. That is a great way to add some more fat burning effect for daily routines. Go for a walk. Something like 1-2 hours is just fine, just make sure that you are walking slowly enough. Fat will burn only if you stay on aerobic treshold, don’t go to the anaerobic at all, then it will start using carbs as a fuel source. Really good personal trainer will give you a heart monitor, from there it is easy to check if you are going slowly enough.

Reason #4:

Start your day with a glass of water. By doing that, you will jump start your engine (body) to start using fat as fuel. Increase your metabolism immediately when you have waken. So, drink a glass of water and start seeing some results. This should read also in your PT’s nutrition guide.

Reason #5:

Real professional will keep you motivated through the project. They will give you fun workouts and give you some nice recipes for the nutrition. Everything should be fun, that is the key how you keep motivated. Of course you need to see results also, but having fun while doing it, that is the most important. So your trainer will come up fun ways of working out. Then you will enjoy it a much more.

So, go and get a trainer for you and start changing your life. Here is one of the best personal training Turku, which you can find. They are the experts and know how to get you in a good shape. Contact them, you will be surprised!

– 4kings

Local trainer

4kings here again!

How to find the best local personal trainer just for you? The best way is to search through Google of course and why not use also YouTube. That is now world’s second largest search engine after Google. So from those two you should always find your very own trainer. Personal trainer Raisio is the place, what we recommend.

Then check out what kind of web pages this trainer has. Has it been updated recently and is the content fresh. If the content is from 2010 or something like that, just skip that trainer. You want to have somebody who is up to date with everything and fresh web page makes you more professional. From the web page search their testimonials. Every serious professionals should have some testimonials on their webpage, especially people working in fitness industry. You want to see what they can do, do they get their clients fit or not. Really clean testimonials is a M-U-S-T.

Personal coach standing near young woman and showing something on his clipboard. Caucasian female relaxing and talking with personal trainer after workout. Trainer making an exercise plan for young woman at gym.

Then you need to check how they are open and where they are located. If you looking for personal trainer in your home town, then check if they train clients in their location or do they come for you. Usually they have some fixed location where you need to go. But that is always something you could look at. Then what? Then you need to know your budget. Bigger fitness centers has usually lower rates, but they want to make longer contracts with you. Smaller players usually has no contracts and will customize everything. So I will always recommend to go with the smaller players. They usually has even more better knowledge and services. You will get more out of smaller entrepreneurs, since they are more passion what they do.

If there are some information about the trainer himself or herself, that is always fun also. But the most important part is of course, where is the contact information. 🙂 Seek their phone number or email, use what you find the most easiest. Then just make a contact and book interview. It is that easy. You will start training in no time and soon you are in the best shape of your life.

That is how we started long time ago. Offer nice web page, good personal trainer offers and there you go. They will find you if you offer the best service. So good luck everybody.

– 4kings



Law is the love

Did you get a nice amount of money from a dead relative? Good for you. Did you check that everything is ok by the law, that you are entitled to have that? Well, let’s talk about that little bit. When doing the background check, you should focus on these things.

First #1

Is the money coming directly to you or is there also some other people, who are entitled to have that? Do you research really good and be the only one how can enjoy the money. Try to get it all to you if possible!! 🙂 I know, I just lost some money to my stupid cousin who was also part of the testament. It sucks, but what can you do. If somebody has some problems with alcohol and police, they shouldn’t get any money! That is at least my opinions about it!


Second #2

Make sure you have a working account in the bank. I heard some stories, that one dude didn’t get the money because that idiot didn’t have a bank account in that country!! What the fuck? So make sure that you have a bank account in correct bank. If you aunt dies in Australia, make sure that you have a bank account in that country. Open it immediately when you hear the passing. Money incoming and nobody can’t stop that. You can always transfer the money later and enjoy it.

Third #3

Where to spend all that green? Well don’t let that money just sit on the account, you need to spend it! Put the money in the use! That way you will have much more fun out of it. Have you ever seen a sad rich man? No? Me either. Spend that shit like there is no tomorrow! Buy all the shit you want! New car? Check! New phone? Check! New clothes? Check! If you don’t know where to spend it, you need to do a bucket list or shopping list! With that you are more focused and keep on spending on a right track!

Fourth #4

Don’t give extra money to some looser hanging around you. They are only after your green. So screw them! If you ran out of money, they will get lost immediately. So no money for those loosers! Keep the cash in your pocket. Spend it all on the items that you want!

If you need some good advice from the law perspective, you should check the professionals. Lakiosavaatimus is the name of the game.

Yeah! This is the 4Kings style baby! Keep the green going!

– 4Kings

Lawyer story

Nevertheless, young lawyers should not simply wait for the demographics to shift in their favor. He was successful because he had experience in an area of the law others were unfamiliar with. Even in a future where the demand for lawyers outweighs supply, some lawyers will be more successful than others. No lawyer exemplifies this fact more than The Super Lawyer. The characteristics that made him successful can serve as a guide for any young attorney. If you need the best rikosasianajaja helsinki, you know who to contact.


First, The Super Lawyer’s patience was a key to his success. It is natural for a young lawyer to want to specialize in industries that are ‘hot.’ However, what is popular now may be soon out of favor. His success was not immediate. Although proxy fights would later prove to be highly profitable, it took many years for the industry to take off. Instead of switching focus, he stayed the course and developed a reputation for his skills in the proxy-fight arena. As a result, once hostile takeovers became a multibillion-dollar business, it was Super Lawyer who already had the experience in the field, who emerged as the industry’s leader. Beyond patience, he had the foresight to specialize in a relatively obscure field that was not popular when he entered the legal workforce.

There is a lesson in this fact as well. While the future is unpredictable, a lawyer should be constantly questioning the status quoand examining trends in the law and areas for potential growth. If a lawyer wants to stay relevant, he or she must consider whether their specialty will be in demand in 10 or 15 years. Is their skill set subject to economic cycles? Is their practice vulnerable to a change in legislation? Henry Ford once famously said, “[i]f I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” The same could be said about the law. The innovative lawyer will always be a successful lawyer. In deciding on an area to specialize in, young lawyers should be thinking not just about today, but about the needs of clients 10 or 15 years from now. Finally, Super Lawyer was successful because he became the go-to lawyer for proxy fights. It is unlikely he got that reputation by happenstance. Instead, he worked hard to earn a reputation as a recognized expert in his field. If a young lawyer is to specialize, he or she should strive to become a leader in their chosen specialty. For example, young lawyers can publish articles, lecture on the topic and develop a network base that could provide future clients. Rikosasianajaja will help.

True story!

Talk you soon again, 4kings


How would you set up a privateer party for youngsters? This may appear like a basic inquiry until the arranging of the gathering is begun, however how would you guarantee the visitors are entertained? Will you have to circled throughout the night watching that everybody has bounty to eat? What kind of music will individuals like? Here is some simple regulated insights that make life a tad bit less demanding, consider it a verbose agenda for merirosvojuhlat.


The most prevalent topics incorporate Tropical/Luau, Hollywood, Casino, Pirate, Wild West and Princess, just to give some examples. You may think that its less demanding to rely on upon who the gathering is for. For instance, is the gathering for kids.

When you have settled on a topic you’ll have to choose what number of individuals to welcome, have you got a space for everybody? Will a few people need to take a seat? Will you have to move some furniture to another room? In case you’re welcoming grown-ups and youngsters, will you need the kids in a different/bordering range so somebody can watch out for them? When you know what number of individuals you’re welcoming, then you can purchase the solicitations.

Nourishment is best-kept straightforward. In case you’re an incredible cook and have provided food for some people before, then, definitely, make something elaborate. Yet, in the event that you’re uncertain, it’s best to keep the nourishment extremely straightforward and ensure there’s sufficient of it. Well known decisions are Chicken Wings, Mini Burgers, Cheese and wafers, smaller than normal pizza, bruschetta, and serving of mixed greens. Bear in mind some sweet snacks.

The vast majority never consider that they may just have 6 or 8 plates or glasses. In the event that you welcome 30 individuals, you can barely request that they share! Paper plates, glasses, and napkins make life significantly less demanding and cleaning up much snappier. They’re additionally regularly accessible with topics imprinted on them; you might need to assemble a rundown of things to buy.

Attempt to have a decent choice of beverages accessible, a few people might not have any desire to drink liquor and may simply need some orange or cranberry juice. On the off chance that giving beverages to everybody will be excessively costly, ask them, making it impossible to bring a container… that is the thing that the vast majority do.

Next, the music. On the off chance that you’ve picked a Tropical gathering you may need some Hawaiian music out of sight, or maybe a 50’s gathering with some 50’s music. Keep in mind this may not be’s some tea, so it’s great to have some present, cheery music on standby at any gathering.

The amusement is urgent, yet don’t be baffled if individuals simply wind up visiting as opposed to participating in the karaoke or gathering recreations you’ve masterminded, they’re there to unwind and have a ton of fun, not adhere to a calendar of occasions! It merits having some diversion for them, just in the event that the discussion runs dry. Well known excitement incorporates karaoke and piñatas for youngsters.

Designs can have a gigantic effect to themed parties. From inflatable palm trees at tropical gatherings, to fortune mid-section pinatas at privateer gatherings, there’s fair such a great amount to browse. Merirosvojuhlat incorporates prevalent beautifications like inflatables, table centerpieces, inflatables, pennants, hitting, shine, and window ornaments. Remember, if the gathering is for youngsters, you might need to purchase party sacks and gathering pack fillers, for example, noisemakers, toys and party rises to keep them possessed.



4kings here again! Let’s talk about gerd or heart burn this time. That is a condition which I run more and more. It is very common all over, especially with +50 years old people. What the hell is gerd (or refluksi) all about?

Well, it is a condition when your stomach is releasing it’s acid back into your throat if I put it a simple way. The gate, which keeps the acid in the stomach is not working as it should be. It is leaking the content back up and that causes burning sensation in your throat. Well it is extremely strong acid in there, so it is not a wonder that is burns like hell. Acid burns you know!



How is it possible that it is leaking? That can depend on many things. But the number one suspect is your diet. That is the basis of this condition and the diet should be the first thing to check when suffering from gerd.

But the problem is that 99% of doctors will do nothing about the diet, they will always prescribe anti-acid-medicine, like Somac or Zolt to remove acid. That might help in that very moment, but those medicines doesn’t remove the cause. They only help with the symptoms with the limited time. You will start suffering from gerd again immediately when you eat next time and everybody needs to eat!

The correct way of fixing this shit is to make sure you have correct amount of acid in your stomach! So it is exactly otherway around what doctors says, because they don’t know shit about nutrition. They only know pills and how to help symptoms. By fixing your diet with correct amount of acid, you will get rid of gerd.

Why we are talking about gerd in training blog? Because that is so common nowadays and that must be taken under notice when you are planning nutrition for clients. I will run into gerd maybe once in a week with new clients. Some people have been eating medicine for years and that can destroy acid levels even more inside their stomach. That is a horrible. Doctors will do absolutely nothing, they will always just order more medicine because that is easy and they don’t have enough knowledge about correct nutrition for these people.

Then the problems comes to me, customer needs to lose weight but even drinking water can cause burning! What the hell?! That is just because they have destroyed their acid levels with medicine and it is going to be a very long process to fix everything back in normal. That requires extremely knowledge about nutrition.

Anyway, I always check with my mentors when dealing with these clients. My mentors are the best in the market. Gerd or refluksi, like they say in Finland, is what I recommend you to read more.

Talk you soon again!

– 4 kings

How you get in fit

Hi there

There is a nice youtube-video how you put older people in shape. Ruokatauko shot a nice video about it. I will embed it over here. Yes, the age is just a number. Nothing more, that is no excuse. You can’t hide behind your age, it is just a number. It doesn’t tell who you really are or what you can do. So forget that. Instead, go outside and so something for your fitness. It doesn’t matter if you are 20 years old or 60 years old, you decide!

This is over 50 years old granny doing deadlifts and pullups! How amazing is that! I have never seen grannies do pullups!! It just blows me away how she is able to do those. But then again, it is all about you! She clearly has super motivation and she has been training quite a while, but still it is amazing! She had personal trainer turku to help her and it shows! Professionals were at it again.

So my advice is: just have fun and go training! Do something that you enjoy! Do something which challenges you! Do something that will give you good feelings! Do something that scares you! That way you will expose yourself for different kind trainings and have positive effects.

– 4kings

Excellent training

Hi folks!

I was in Finland couple of days ago and visited my old friend in Naantali. Company called Ruokatauko. They are the best in their own business. Ruokatauko is specialised on nutrition and personal trainer services and they offer services all around city Turku. Especially now when summer is closing by, everybody is interested how they are going to look on the beach.

So there is high demand for trainers and nutrition professionals now in Finland. They boys were really busy, the gym is open from morning to noon and they are training with all kind of clients at the moment. Most of them are just regular folks trying to lose some weight and other half is trying to get some muscle. You got to look good, right? 🙂

Ruokatauko's breakfast

Ruokatauko also keeps blogging about all kind of differenet topics about health, fitness, nutrition and of course training. Few days ago they published article about soda drinks, which was quite interesting to read. I didn’t know that it is so dangerous to your metabolism to have a glass of coke or something similiar. It just screws your metabolism for whole day and elevates blood sugar like a rocket. So if you want to get fit for the summer, don’t drink sodas at least!!

So my recommendation is, if you are in Finland or you are interested about nice health-related blog, head over to their site and check it out. They are the best personal trainer Turku and that is all what you need to know. 🙂

– 4kings